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PhD Program in Cancer Biology

Tumors and the immune system

Module B

Registration is possible two month before the first course day. For further information please contact: Bettina Rausch-Malina (

- With your registration you commit yourself to attending the whole course.
- Please do not cancel without serious reason.
- Cancellations more than 2 weeks before the course starts are free of charges.
- Cancellations between 1 and 2 weeks before the course starts will be charged a fee of CHF 60.--.
- Cancellations at shorter notice, unexcused non-attendance or absence during the course will be charged a fee of CHF 200.--.
- Cancellations due to illness without a medical certificate will be charged a fee as mentioned above.
05.04.2024 Introduction to the immune system Prof. Maries van den Broek
Prof. Christian Stockmann

Infection-induced cancers

Program (PDF, 67 KB)
Prof. Anne Müller
Prof. Roberto Speck
Prof. Achim Weber

Hematologic malignancies

PD Dr. Stefan Balabanov
Dr. Nicole Bodmer
PD Dr. Beat Bornhauser
Prof. Jana Ellegast
Dr. Susanne Kubetzko
Prof. Chiara Magnani
PD Dr. Alexandre Theocharides
Prof. Thorsten Zenz

10.04.2024 Tumor immunology (basics and therapy)

Prof. Miro Räber
Dr. Egle Ramelyte
Dr. Lara Maul-Duwendag
Prof. Patrick Roth


High dimensional spatial profiling of tumour microenvironment
Program (PDF, 65 KB)

Dr. Karina Silina
Prof. Chiara Magnani

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