Joint Cancer Meeting

USZ PATH C22, 17:00 – 18.00 (3rd Monday of the month)
Contact Maja Zenz
19.11. van den Broek    Gari Balabanov
17.12. Mosimann Theocharides Baubec
21.1. Stockmann    


Other seminar series or seminars

Regular seminars at the Irchel Campus:
Joint Research Meeting of DMMD and IMCR, Y17 M-05, Friday 12:15
Joint Immunology Meeting (PDF, 30 KB), alternating @ Irchel Campus or Hönggerberg, 1st Thursday of the month, 15:45
Lecture series in Molecular Life Sciences, Y35 F-32, Tuesday 12:30
Cutting Edge Topics: Seminars in Immunology & Infection Biology, Y17 M-05, Tuesday 17:15

Regular seminars at the University Hospital:
Oncology Seminar (PDF, 273 KB), kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22, Monday 17:00
Dermatology Progress Report,  locations, dates and time at the link

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