Joint Cancer Meeting

USZ PATH C22, 17:00 – 18.00 (3rd Monday of the month)
Contact Maja Zenz

Program (PDF, 258 KB)


Other seminar series or seminars

Regular seminars at the Irchel Campus:
Joint Research Meeting of DMMD and IMCR, Y17 M-05, Friday 12:15
Joint Immunology Meeting (PDF, 26 KB), alternating @ Irchel Campus or Hönggerberg, 1st Thursday of the month, 15:45
Lecture series in Molecular Life Sciences, Y35 F-32, Tuesday 12:30
Cutting Edge Topics: Seminars in Immunology & Infection Biology, Y17 M-05, Tuesday 17:15

Regular seminars at the University Hospital:
Oncology Seminar (PDF, 273 KB), kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22, Monday 17:00
Dermatology Progress Report,  locations, dates and time at the link

Link to further seminars announced at the CCCZ
Link to further education "Fortbildung USZ"